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Charlie, James and Matt

Welocme to my Busted website!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D
Hiya!!!!! Welcome to 'Bustedrock'.
Are you a fan of the brilliant pop band 'Busted'(which you must be coz Charlie, James and Matt are soooo kool and they are so fit:P)if so come and take a look at my website.
Busted's first single 'What I Go To School For' debuted at No.3 (go busted) and the 2nd single Year 3000 was released on January 13th.

The boys album 'Busted' includes both 'What I Go To School For' and Year 3000'. It also includes some brilliant tunes (that the lads wrote themselves)such as; 'Crash and Burn', 'Britney', 'Loosing you', Psycho Girl', 'All The Way', 'Sleeping With The Lights On', 'Loser Kid', 'When Day Turns Into Night, 'Dawsons Geek','Without You' and Everything I Knew. and Busteds album recently went platinum so wlel done to the lads!!!!! So if Busted asked you to dance at the disco would you say yes? or let them Crash and Burn at ur feet? Do u want to become their Psycho Girl? and would you go all the way??? Well I know that they went to school for Miss Mackenzie but I live for them!!!!!!!!!(coz u rock my life BUSTED - i think im obbsessed with yas:P Well who wouldnt be as ur all too bleedign sexy:P)

If you want to c the 'Year 3000' video and make Busted go to number one call the box on 09067533400 and to select Busted the number is 222 Thanx:d lets keep busted rocking:P

BUSTED have now released theur tour dates and will eb appearign at 12 dates arround the Uk so go to www.busted.com for moreinfo and start booking as tickets are selling out fast.

Also loook out for their new single But U sadi No which is named Crash and Burn on the album this will be released on April 21st!!! and the video might be out in March i cant wait!!!!!!

Ipswich boy Charlie Simpson, the youngest of three brothers, with the sort of modellish good looks you'd usually expect to find staring out from a billboard fronting a well-packed pair of Calvins. With tastes centering on the Deftones and Jimmy Eat World, Charlie's only 17 and is Busted's resident posh crumpet. He dimly recalls being busted for smoking. The punishment: detention.

Name: Charlie Robert Simpson
Nicknames: Chase
Age: 17
Date of birth: 7th June 1985
Starsign: Gemini
From: Woodbridge, Ipswich
Siblings: 2 brothers. Will(22) and Ed(20)
Pets: Labrador called Chloe
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 12 stone
Eye colour: Hazel
Distinguishing features: Eyebrows! and his lush lips! and his hair for me lol
Favourite food: Curry
Favourite band: Deftones
Favourite actress: Britney Spears
Favourite subject: P.E.
Extra info: He used to play in an indie band, he likes long walks and the country road, his fave TV show is The Simpsons and he got a detention once for smoking(tut,tut).

Click Here For More Info

James Bourne, an 19-year-old Virgo from Southend-On-Sea with two brothers and one sister. He's delicately, carefully spoken - but don't let that fool you, this boy can party with the best of them. He's as obsessed with *NSYNC as he is with Blink 182, while the alarmingly athletic chap's spare time is spent surfing, playing tennis, and shooting pool. His dream is to sit down and write a song with Michael Jackson.

Name: James Elliott Bourne
Nicknames: JB/Jimmy/Jimmy B
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 13th September 1983
Starsign: Virgo
From: Southend-on-Sea
Siblings: 2 brothers and 1 sister. Nick(17) and Chris(9)-(who played Peter in the year 3000 video) and sister, Melissa (12)
Pets: Hamster called Humphrey, I think?)and dog called Harry.
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 10.5 stone
Eye colour: Blue
Distinguishing features: Tiny scar under eyebrow and for me his cute as smile.
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite band: Blink 182
Favourite actress: Cameron Diaz
Favourite subject: Music
Extra info: He loves tennis and surfing, and supports Southend United

If you're after a bit of rough, Mattie Jay's every inch yer man. The 18-year-old Kingston boy's already had a garage single out ('Sunshine Lover', a collaboration with Miles Slater, on Genius Cru's label), and has got the word geezer running through him like some extravagantly coiffured stick of rock. The sort of outspoken guy pop needs more of - he's like The Streets meets Jamie Oliver meets a little Johnny Rotten. All mouth, plenty of trouser. Obviously he's lost count of the things for which he's been busted, but you can be sure of one thing - for every bust there's a whole catalogue of roguish misdemenours that will forever go undetected. A lifelong obsession with West Ham has equipped Mattie with the ability to look failure in the face; hardly something he'll be calling on in Busted.

Name: Matthew James Willis
Nicknames: Matt/Mattie/Mattie Jay/MJ
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 8th May 1983
Starsign: Taurus
From: Molesy, Kingston
Siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister, Darren(21)and Amanda(14)
Pets: Dog called Max
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 11.5 stone
Eye colour: Hazel/brown
Distinguishing features: Small mole on face, white stripe in hair(well itll be different now as its always changign lol but that MJ for ya, pierced right eyebrow.
Favourite food: Pot noodles
Favourite band: Foo Fighters
Favourite actress: Meg Ryan
Favourite subject: Biology( oh i wonder why maybe because of Miss Mackenzie?)
Extra info: He owns 35 pairs of jeans (prolly changed now), supports West Ham United, has appeared in The Bill and Eastenders, likes fishing, has had a garage single, Sunshine Lovers, his fave CD is Incubus - Make Yourself.. and he's broken 42 bones in his body-so far(auch)

You Said No (Crash and Burn)was Busteds 3rd single that was released on the that was released In April
Crash and Burn is based on Charlies past experience of askign a girl to dance at the disco btu with her sayign NO!!!
Its a wicked video and song well done Busted i love it and well done for getting to number 1 with it!

Keep watchign this space!!!!! as soon i will update it with info about the new single 'Sleeping With The Light On' which will be released In August!

What to do?????>.........
You can check out the about page whihc will tlel you loads more abotu Busted ro check out the Photo opage which is jam packed of loads of photos from the what i go to school for vid and the year 300 one to magazine articles and loads of other lush pics of the lads youncan also sign the guestobook and loads more thanx:D:D:D:

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